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99Knots Corfu Boat & Yacht Rental

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Petriti, Corfu

As your boat approaches the picturesque shoreline, the azure waters of the Ionian Sea greet you, inviting you to become part of this idyllic coastal haven. The gentle lapping of waves against the hull sets the rhythm for exploring this enchanting fishing village.

Mooring your boat along the coast of Petritis, you’ll find yourself at the heart of a maritime sanctuary. The sight of traditional fishing boats swaying in rhythm with the tide, coupled with the backdrop of the village’s lush greenery, paints a scene that is nothing short of poetic. This is where ancient maritime traditions seamlessly merge with the modern-day allure of the sea.

The culinary treasures of Petritis beckon you from the shore. Traditional old tavernas offer a taste of the freshest catch of the day, expertly prepared to perfection. Savoring these flavors on the open deck of your boat, with the sea as your backdrop, is a sensory experience that transcends time.

99knots corfu boat & yacht rental petriti
Corfu Boat & Yacht Rental

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Petritis Beach, a hidden gem along the coast, stretches over half a kilometer, its pebbled shores inviting you to step ashore. Here, you can bask in the sun, the gentle sea breeze mingling with the salt in the air. The gradual deepening of the water ensures that Petriti Beach is ideal for families and couples alike, inviting you to take a refreshing dip in the Ionian’s crystal-clear waters.


But the true magic lies in the marriage of sea and history at the village’s traditional fishing port. Witnessing the unloading of the day’s catch, you’ll feel a deep connection to the age-old maritime traditions that have shaped the life of this village for generations.

As the sun begins its descent, casting a warm golden hue over the village, you may choose to continue your maritime exploration. The neighboring fishing village of Boukari and the nearby stunning beaches of Notos, Kalami, and Mesoggi Beach beckon, each offering its unique allure.

Your boat becomes more than just a vessel; it’s a portal to a world where the sea is your companion, and every wave tells a story. Petritis encapsulates the essence of Greek beauty, tranquility, and simplicity, and it invites you to be a part of this narrative. Drop anchor and let the marine and natural elements of Petritis unfold before you, creating memories that will last a lifetime. This is more than a boat journey; it’s an experience that will forever hold a special place in your heart.

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