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I Are you looking for a boat to hire in Corfu with us?
Here's what you need to know!

For the boat of up to 30 hp engine power the license is not required. According to a Greek law, if you wish to drive a motorboat up to 30HP you may do so without a license or prior verified experience. All you need to comply with, is to be over 18 years old and have a driving license. For any other boat you would need to present a captain’s license in force.

For the boat of up to 30 hp you may not have any previous experience. Our team instruct you before the embarkation. We have accommodated people that have never been in sea before, and they were proven extremely good captains. For more powerful boats, for your own safety, you should have previous experience.

Before renting any boat, check its general condition. If all the agreed/expected equipment is onboard to ensure your family’s safety.  Also, while it is not necessary for adults to wear the lifejackets, the children certainly should. Please inform us for the number of children onboard, so we are prepared to provide the right size of lifejackets for your family.

If you follow our instructions, you have absolutely nothing to be afraid of. We take safety extremely seriously and will give you all the necessary instructions, so you feel safe and confident in sea.

No matter how experienced you are, according to Greek law, you need to receive instructions and guidance and to fill in the necessary forms. We will also give you some useful tips on where to go/ eat/ swim, etc. Afterwards, a trained member of our staff will show you everything you need to know about the boat you’re about to rent- how to drive/ stop/use the anchor, etc. During your day as a captain, you are welcome to contact us at any time.

After showing to you and how to use the equipment onboard, both the company and the client are signing a legal binding agreement, stating that the client is solely responsible for entire equipment on the boat during the rental. In case of damage, the client is required to pay for the reimbursement for the lost/damaged equipment.

No, fuel is not included in the price. Before your departure, we will show you that both the main tank and the reserve are full. When you return, we will charge you for the fuesl used, according to the current fuel price per litre.

When a customer informs us about the preferred reservation date, we check the weather forecast for the date and inform them on the spot accordingly. If the reservation is made weeks or months ahead, we check the weather at least two days before the preferred date and inform the customer accordingly, so both parties can plan something else – either reimburse the money or make a reservation for another day.

We offer to all clients as a compliment cold drinks, such as water and sodas onboard.

Captain’s license, where applicable, your ID or passport, a driving license. But we need to see the original document, not a copy. We will make a copy of the document and ask for your signature to prove that you willingly provide this to us and that our boat is rented by you for the day if Greek coastal guard comes in for a routine check. Other than that, it would be wise to bring lots of sunscreen, towels, snacks.

When renting a boat, both parties will sign an agreement stating that the renter is able to travel only within a certain distance from the starting point, you will be informed accordingly on the spot. Simple safety rules shall apply, like to stop at safe distance from any beach or port within this area.

The fuel consumption depends on the weather, the number of people on board, how fast you are going, etc. the average consumption on the Cobra boat is 0.5 lt. per mile and for the RIB 2 lt. per mile.