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99Knots Corfu Boat & Yacht Rental

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Messonghi, Corfu

Embark on an unforgettable maritime journey to Messonghi, a charming village nestled at the mouth of the Messonghi River on Corfu’s eastern shore. Here, amidst a lush landscape adorned with olive groves, nature’s beauty embraces you at every turn.

Upon arriving with your boat, you’ll be greeted by a sprawling sandy beach, the largest and most pristine on the eastern coast. Messonghi ‘s beach, shared with the neighboring resort of Moraitika, offers a worry-free environment for families. 

The calm, gentle waters gradually deepen, providing a safe place for children to frolic and swim. Sunbeds, umbrellas, and an array of water sports facilities, including scuba diving, snorkeling, and parasailing, await beach enthusiasts of all ages.

99knots corfu boat & yacht rental Messonghi
Corfu Boat & Yacht Rental

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As you explore the coastline, don’t miss the mesmerizing point where the river meets the sea. Here, fishing boats sway gently against the backdrop of verdant, tree-lined banks, a testament to the village’s enduring fishing heritage seamlessly integrated with modern tourist amenities.

The shore is gracefully lined with eateries, bars, and souvenir shops, creating a vibrant tourist enclave. A scenic coastal road beckons, guiding you to the serene Boukari Beach, renowned for its delightful fish taverns. And when night falls, Messonghi comes alive with options for evening entertainment. Cocktail bars invite you to embrace the lively nightlife, or for a more vibrant scene, the neighboring village of Moraitika offers a dynamic atmosphere just a stone’s throw away.

In essence, Messonghi stands as a gem on Corfu’s eastern coast, where nature’s beauty harmoniously blends with modern amenities. Its picturesque and tranquil beach, coupled with a rich tapestry of activities, cater to every traveler’s desires. Whether seeking a peaceful retreat or a lively night out, Messonghi offers an experience that lingers in the memory long after departure. Anchoring your boat here promises an adventure where the sea and the natural landscape unfold before you in all their splendor.

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